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Naughty Celeb Girls:Put the cameras away honey! August 12, 2009

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What is it with young celebs and taking pictures of their “goodies”? That’s a no no for anyone! I mean come on! Vanessa Hudgens in 2007 had lots of naughty pics and now Twilight star, Ashley Greene has some! Put a shirt on girlies! I know that Vanessa has some new photos out but those aren’t as bad as 2007’s. Oh and Miley’s “pole dancing” at the teen choice awards really isn’t pole dancing I mean for pete’s sake she’s not slidding up and down it. Well that’s all I got to say!



Lady Gaga: New Queen of Dance Music? February 1, 2009

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Lady Gaga has tons of popular songs! Like Just Dance, Poker Face, Paparazzi, and my personal favorite Beautiful Dirty Rich. She mixes computer sounds with actual singing.


With her unique style I mean talk about funky dresses she just seems like a fun person.




Keep doing your thing Lady Gaga!


iconator_cdd6b220b5e44a3492530baef2b0556e xoxo!  – Laurel (ilovpugs)


Britney Spears Circus December 19, 2008

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Britney’s done it again!! She made another album that is sure to have hit songs!!



So check it out! I’ll write more later!


Katy Perry New Upcoming Star? November 1, 2008

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Well we all know she’s already a star but Katy Perry is entering the music world in a flash. With hits like I kissed a girl and Hot n cold we know she means business.

Katy Perry has such a unique glam style. I mean doesn’t those candy colors look great on her? Her music is sorta rebelious but in a good mannered way. Currently she’s dating the lead singer from Gym Class Heros Travis McCoy.



 She was in Gym Class Heros cupids choke hold video too!


You go girl!